Pousada Caminho Encantado

We are now constructing the new Pousada Octagon. It is on the grounds of Pousada Caminho Encantado.

It is erected on an area, which is called: Lagoas da Santa Maria e Rei Salomão.
The slow development of the Octagons is tightly interwoven with the Casa don Ignatio. Again and again the entities provided me with visions, redirections and energy to continue the work. Sometimes the energy was not enough. And Easter 2013 intense suffering led me to continue the creation.
The new Octagons are a continuation and an adaptation to the rich plant resources in Brasil. For the original (in steel) have a look at the video in the website of Caminho Encantado.
The main octagonal structure, with a floating floor is reused. The steel structure became eucalyptus wood.  Instead of tiles, the roof is now made from the fibers (not he whole leaves) of the Piasava palm. These fibers transform the vertical flow of energy between heaven and earth into a clockwise vortex.
The stone floor, is now a central octagonal stone, framed with wood. The type of wood is different. This allows for adaptation to the way heaven and earth connects just there.

Some experiences and reflections
The vortex allows for the soul to find back to its natural movements. This allows for ease in the moment (contrary to disease). It is a life of disease, that makes You sick. This may as well, allow a new look at the predatory ways of spirit attachments or spirit obsessors.
The quality of the vortex depends on the flavor of heaven earth relationship at the location of the Octagon. Thus the experience differs immensely from one to the other.
We can offer now:
Octagon Elevador
Octagon Terra (Earth)

Unfortunately the landscaping is not finished.

Very welcome to our Pousada Caminho Encantado in Abadiania. The Pousada is constantly evolving since it was founded four years ago. We started off with just four rooms, and before long it has grown into twenty-two. Every room has its own shape and character. We have for example two rooms where you can open up the ceilings to be able to rest and even sleep right under the everlasting starry sky. We also have rooms which are fully integrated into the landscape, built onto the slope in direct connection with the original Cerrado, the second largest biotope in Brasil. Striking is, of course, also our beautiful garden with its terrace and swimming pool, where you can relax and rest to the fullest. Our kitchen offers Brazilian food adapted to European taste buds and prepared by true Brazilian grandmothers. We will be happy to answer any questions. There is something for everybody here, whether you want to go simple and low budget, or have higher demands on luxury. Our Pousada is part of Casa Dom Inacio, whose rules we follow, and above all receive guests who go through treatment there, but also those who seek their own spiritual path.

Wir sprechen Deutsch, Englisch und Portugiesisch. Selbstverständlich werden Ihre Anfragen in diesen Sprachen beantworten.
We speak English, German and Portuguese. We will answer your inquiries in these languages.
Nós falamos Inglês, Alemão o Português. Nós vamos responder a suas perguntas em estas línguas.

Once again,

very welcome!